Have the colourful life and what asks

Just after 10 o ‘clock, he heard the voice of the high-heeled shoes knock wood floor. From partial head a see in the study, a middle-aged belle dressed in elegant evening dress is bent down to take off the high-heeled sandals, did not immediately into slippers with white and delicate jade is sufficient, a hand holding a tiptoe gently massage, fruity and attractive beautiful buttock completely blanketed much in my line of sight.
Ah! Mom came back… I smiled and rob to hold her soft body whole turned a circle above the floor.
Oh dear! You this fool quickly put the mother down.

I how willing to give up arms of the soft and charming body, going to beauty woman deeply kissed on the sofa, gee, I see does not mean to 11:00 on invitation, how do you come back now, whether want to me?

My mother gave me white, sitting on my legs will be faded on the tea table, dangler, necklace, alas…… So tired, got nearly three hours, my mother would have to put up with this, now I understand when three accompany how hard. Mother soft body curled up in my arms, pouting mouth like a long face.

Although the annual entrepreneurs association is a kind of form, but also not as boring as mother described, I know she the age of the woman is more than words, anytime, anywhere can look for excuses to say a lot of nonsense.

But I am used to her nagging, perhaps this is due to her and get the second spring, middle-aged every time in bed, I always get an indescribable satisfaction, this let me not tired mother to a great extent is talkative tongue, let alone… The nimble long tongue lick meat kung fu is so high. Dad, of course, are not so lucky, he choose to find another quiet, always silently support the cause of her husband woman restructuring a new home.

The tablecloth on tables didn’t pressed flat… The food tastes very general also don’t say, the whole hall was only one brand of mineral water… And…… Sound odd is poor, I simply couldn’t hear many people speech… It’s so noisy atmosphere everywhere, really do not know this association has what good? …… After the start of the party, I finally jumped two song can justify ran away… And so on… Another man was dancing with you have the opportunity to take advantage of you…… See the mother must continue to complain gushing, suddenly I interrupted her speech seize an opportunity.

No…… Of course not… You think everyone like you this sex maniac, even my idea but also the old woman… Mother sat on my lap after discharge makeup brain his hands down, looked at me smilingly. I just asked the tone of the intentionally reveals the flavor of the jealous, this makes mother very proud.

In fact, I totally believe that occasion, is facing with private owners of the guest, your desire for sex package day also dare not do it beneath. The reason why I insist on someone eat mother’s tofu, but is the gauge of a substitute stealthily, sealed she wanted to continue to nag. I say you don’t draw, added insult, mother body will be no one sliver? Hey hey, I check… With a evil smile, mom a petite body easily me in her arms, strides into our bedroom… Oh oh… Baby…… The mother’s heart… How are you today… Ah… So much…

I also want to tap and gentle, but his beautiful young woman can always to me into the fascinating artistic conception. Two white slender legs tightly hold my waist, help my lower abdomen more hard hit her pussy, charming flower like hands constantly grasp my glans penis and relax… Genital inserted into the biological mother of the body is always deeply of erotic stimulation, as in the world and there are a few people can resist the temptation to that?

Blare…… Mother to keep his voice whispered sobbing, really incredible, she again…… But I was no better, abreact exuberant strength without how many within the mother body. Mother is always so tender and attractive after orgasm, girls like shy blush emerge red cheeks. From my chest body, warm lips wrapped around the penis, the liquid that remains above licked clean, a pair of beautiful eyes was so obsessed with my penis… Tell mommy, what’s the trouble? Rest for a moment, mom still hot sexy body tightly nestled in my arms.

No, the same, nothing much really.

Lie, mommy didn’t know you this virtue, to be on the bed, there is no way to cheat a man, especially since I was born just live together till now mother, is familiar with the characteristics of his son and rich experience in sex.

Before my one year old, her breasts were all day long I have to suck; Before the age of five, her slender fingers often open my foreskin cleaning dirt; At the age of 17, her naked in my dream for a long time been tinkering with into various lewd gesture adultery; 19 years old, my penis in her mature smart set out frequent injection; That same year, her warm wet mouth become the place where I vent energy; Now 20 years old, we hug to each other but sleep the whole night.

Mother of my body and mind is so familiar, countless night she casually turn can accurately seize my penis, never failed. Only from the penis I insert her body hardness and pumping how often she could speculate whether I under extremely happy, in the face of so know your woman, what I have to hide to her?

Sigh gently, had to be honest, my company belonging to designing institute, recently had a chance to study abroad. In less than a year I qualified natural excluded, for the sake of the laws of balance, and gave me a task, to participate in a pavilion soliciting design contest. For a month, this month I don’t have to go to the company, you can go to some quiet place to design, the actual is a disguised form a big month off.

This natural cause I great discontent, but didn’t also the way. State-owned company always seniority, I the younger generation to thrive can only get a chance in two hundred and thirty. I feel very good, when the holiday to travel! Obviously mother didn’t understand a fledglings social psychology of young people want to get ahead. I’m too lazy to explain with her, explains it is no use.

Or else… I call your dad can go to the upper dredge the relationship, for the learning opportunities for you? I got a fright, quickly stop. To tell you the truth, while mom and dad divorced, but no matter how to say, I always got to go to bed, the woman whom the father used in a variety of is even dad is not cast tricks to play with mom’s charming body. For this reason, I dared not go to dad there sit for so long, always feel sorry for him.

But there is another reason why, municipal culture bureau chief, the daughter of a beautiful and charming, many are proud of the boys in order to catch up with her. And I have been lucky and she has a relationship, afterwards broke up, maybe she abandon me just an ordinary small designer, no promise! This if really want dad to activity, must find culture bureau chief, is her father. I can afford to lose the face, let her taunts again.

No, or an honest person, I try to design a good work, perhaps take home a prize. Simply, my mother and I find a beautiful place with seclusion for a month?

Ah? Is a good idea, but the mother’s beauty salon cannot leave, a month? After you come back I also don’t know what will become? Giggle…

I smiled, stretched out his hand and touched the mother skin smooth like satin. Maybe she is afraid of staying out for a month, can’t maintain good skin yourself. Really funny, at the beginning with dad is not so care about, afraid of his own face in front of me now can’t appear in the most perfect attitude, such a colourful mother is rare.

Um…… To also become, but… Can’t run too far oh, go to the mother’s home? Do you have a grandpa ancestral home where is empty?

Good! I also haven’t go home for a decade! It is a pity! Grandparents why want to go abroad?

Home environment much good… Your grandmother could live, her temper is not you don’t know, the whole family who dare disobedience.

It is, mom and grandma is very alike, stubborn temper. I want to insert from behind, to his mother, I want to come from the front, mother and give myself up to the bottom. Hey hey! It’s like mother, like daughter…

Words haven’t say that finish, mother drew a kicking, shame and anger on her face, play tired on my chest to breathe, with maternal fragrant breath continuously inhaled my nasal passages. Soon, I again find nakedness as hard as iron. When I insert the hard meat mother vagina, she surprisingly gentle, perhaps be susceptible to that joke just now.

This time, no matter what mother I use are very cooperate with flesh into various lewd posture, guide my penis enter. In the room, for a long time was mother moans of ecstasy…

When we are mother and son feet set foot on the land, my mother and I are thrilled uncontrollably. Although I’m not born here, but my mother until the age of 16, then in the provincial capital university, met a prince charming, then marry and stay in the provincial capital with my job after graduation, and then the divorce… Then gave the body to me… Here the traffic is not developed, the day of the villagers is more monotonous. Rare to see the guests, and grandpa’s grandparents were the family in the village. After we come back, going the rounds and immediately began to boil in the courtyard, all sorts of climb relatives, asked cold ask warm a overwhelm in an endless stream. Finally got turned into a huge party, neighbors unusually warm, many housewives roll their sleeves up and get it out of the kitchen, in the yard for more than ten table.

Mother naturally become the focal point of the party, both for her back is half of the guest, but also because of her beauty. How much more… Mother’s beige coat had a v plunging necklines, can see two beautiful collarbone and full of bumps the towering peaks. Black pencil skirt has a handbreadth around to long vents, skirt is a pair of white and smooth legs.

A pair of stylish fit milky tread chalaza sandal on the foot with ten root, glittering and translucent and white toe shoes winding on the ankle of sexy, with seven inches long spike heels even more round and foil. Although in this rich is a remote mountain village, to see the bright spot is very not easy thing.

All ages, both men and women in the village would drink, and mass. It’s so noisy I really don’t like the scene, but mom today seem particularly excited, after all, met many invisible friend over ten years, is also understandable. Greet the man for a while, and for a while and talk to the bestfriend, I find themselves in a remote corner and sat down, to see mom the same shuttle through social butterfly.

The woman! Is a former Zan Village fly out of golden phoenix, is in many years didn’t come back.

Oh! It is no wonder that, look at the somebody else, if age is bigger than you and I, can the skin wet,, figure is really didn’t have to say. Especially the mast ass, bed must be hot enough to SAO. Wait until another day I also call home son go to town, learn the somebody else.

Is then brother all night holding such a SAO bitch who haven’t the moon hang the trees into the rest, hey hey.

Can hold such a beauty in the woli pressure, die early years also value… Gee…

Next to the table of the two villagers depress voice pointing to his mother, darkly said some psychosexuality taste of words, I also heard the sound of their big swallow saliva, though they sound very low or was I heard. Had someone said that mother, should I not happy, but I heard it is very happy. Look, mom such a belle who are tempted. So…… I just can’t hold it at the moment to seduce her was understandable.

Clears the party until 8:00 in the evening or so, mom went to fujian. I have carefully looked at the psychosexuality mother just two of the villagers, to see them coming, walking and stole a look outside the mother dress beautiful leg big swallow saliva. I am a proud. So tempting belle they only think about it. But I, after waiting for no one can use one of my favorite pose water flooding, top her with her purr. This is the wonderful blessing of life?

The second day, my mother and I all day in the wild, I drew a lot of sketch, but always couldn’t inspire design inspiration. Usually in the evening there is always the hospitable villagers treat, we even don’t have to do dinner.

To the villagers home, is also a point of their house old bottle container canister, was inspired by a lot of, more than ten days passed, however, what I want to design a even oneself all don’t know.

Baby, progress is not smooth? I saw the way you get a little lazy these days always. One day my mother holding hands walking outside, mother asked me before go to a small stream.

Yeah! Sketch out a lot, but always feel lack a reiki, traces of imitation is too heavy, I don’t satisfied.

The pavilion soliciting work on surface of the art, but I know is actually for a production factory, very clever work limit in ceramics, glass, plastic and so on, but also to highlight the practicability. This means you won’t be able to design a pure delight, such as a bodhisattva, ruyi! Only gravitate to the ashtray, tea sets, vases, these aspects. Because the factory is producing this kind of things.

Alas! Unfortunately, my mother don’t understand art, really can’t help anything. Mother will be small mouth stretch to come over to me a kiss on the cheek, eyes full of tenderness.

I smiled to her: don’t worry, have a large collection of material, isn’t it? Be creative.

Yeah yeah! Than, temporarily put aside the work, enjoy the nature, you see, how cold the water…

Mother sat on a stone, skirt rolled up, revealing two round white calf, sexy tiptoe washed into streams, occasionally naughty will play out of the water stream, with a splash. Shapely legs don’t see a proud flesh, thin, smooth skin wrapped in muscles, blue blood vessels are faintly visible, a kind of say a sexy. The first time in front of mother like ejaculation is shot in the small and exquisite, beautiful arc on the arch of the foot?

That mom was right, more haste, less speed, all day thinking of design really tired ah! The two nature have a normal life. Well! It seems I haven’t tried to make a bed, was in the wild sex day? I went over to hold the mother’s back, his fingers collar easily hold her nipples.

It was broad daylight, not afraid of being seen? Mother plays a look of the back of my hand.

…… Don’t want to…

That…… How all wet… I put my mother’s underwear XiaWen off her, don’t know why, occasionally say some dignity trampled mother of words, I feel particularly exciting. Mother clench fist in my chest swatting a few, ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings is written on the face.

Today she wear skirt short and loose, cloth and soft, effortless will wrap onto the waist, I was taking the mother’s breast sucking, hold her warm hands, and has been the expansion of the penis. Mother’s hand is trembling, but it is unusually soft, like touching a priceless jewels, gently set my foreskin, tender fingers slip the glans penis, the horse eye evenly daub a few secretion on the glans penis.

Mother’s skill is so outstanding, the penis nu convex vessels in her little hand slowly moving, a mother cook gloves get hands-on son outside genitals, and so careful so emotional, the scene is so exciting. My mood quickly high, fiercely pushed mom on a tree, raised her plump slender leg, hold meat root frantic poking into the mother’s body.

…… Ah… Beware of being seen! Huge momentum to mom, hurry up mat tiptoe offset part of my power, his hands around my neck, face the temperature of the heat transfer to my cheek.

All right… Looks to give them, let them see could not eat, ha ha. The glans penis into the vagina is ups and downs, scorching her den a steady stream of power for me.

Mother’s vaginal wall wrapped tightly with the penis, with my white lips opened a close, out of the countless sticky liquid. CRRR… Oh oh… There is no shame, guilt, orchard only naked original joy.

Sex for the first time in this environment has clearly mother get an alternative, a head of show hair was flying. Contraction force pelvis as far as possible compact, makes the vagina is narrow small, seem to put my penis sucked into the belly. This is a magic weapon that she often used to please me, my mother is very clear, her vagina girl than a fresh forever, only with the skills to conquer yourself as young bad son.

Penis in a hole in her on the conflict, mother also clever mat tiptoe constantly adjust the posture, let me more deeply, and her vagina tighter. I was very excited, and mother joy expression is no me, wild sex does and indoor, it is easy to become indulgence, wild.

Did a good half-day, we all feel very tired, my mother filed a breath will be another glistening ham is up, my mother is a natural sex fuck, immediately got the message to a pair of legs tightly wound on my waist, a moment also don’t want to leave my penis. I so at her white and full of weeds, next to the hip and walked to put fell on the ground, the mother opened his legs pounding her whoredoms.

Ah… Well, uh… Don’t stop, baby… Fluttered in my chest, my mother a pair of small jade is sufficient, both hands to grasp my arm out of the blood. Endless efforts, the glans penis grinding faint sting, mother in the water and under the bottom of dye wet grass, maybe come here again next year will find that the weed stained with mother abnormal vaginal secretion of nutrient solution will grow.

With the gap in the pose, I’ll peel off mother, convex concave of the body in the green soft grass, shaded by more tender and white. Mom, give me your ass, quick! Me today’s sexual interest is quite high, knelt behind the mother cuddled her fat ass is a burst of crazy. This pose before got no mother, have been numerous times in the middle of the night is my fantasy, became my favorite.

This is how sexy and attractive ass, white solid, elastic, plump. Concealed within a channel with a clump of pubic hair, lips with my meat stick thrusting, alternately turn inside out and into. Ass the most prominent upper part is a beautiful, with a turbine of the rims. Brown the rims of the denotation of creases, like a small chrysanthemum flowers sprouting up. Finger into the blossom, immediately aroused my mom a shiver and slightly fear groaning.

My fingers covered in Yin fluid within the mother’s anus gently knead, ah! Don’t… Look in the eyes of the mother back, wails, some fear. I most can’t stand this eye, this eye will only often arouse me more conquests. Although the mother’s body has been completely all for me, but only her small fart eye is my reclamation, and in the future also can only belong to me. The idea that I was in anal sex and mother can always get an indescribable feeling of excitement and conquer.

Mom, you ass was beautiful, let me to play again. Mother squirming sexy ass, but my finger is still in her flower did not get rid of. Mother shook her head slightly, fell under the upper body will bottom up higher, seems to have acquiesced in this request. Mother seldom eat fat food, food is given priority to with fruits and vegetables. It is not just to make her skin maintain sufficient moisture, particularly tender and smooth. Also made her rectum absorbed a large amount of fibrous tissue, is not dry and extremely rich toughness, wrapped tightly penis feels like paradise.

Soon, the mother chrysanthemum bud is getting used to the foreign body, I seize the opportunity to insert a finger again continue to open the anus. Alternate tension with relaxation contraction of the muscles of the anus, soft straight bowel wall subconscious squeezed my fingers. It took a long time to get the intestinal accept foreign body, I will already trying to meat on the fart eye, grasping the mother smooth waist, hold the round and ass, will gently into the penis and tight and narrow, abnormal soft anus.

Sigh… Mother due to the strong sense of tear yell, that moment I almost want to insert half of the penis. But in front of a scene and small intestine tightly hooped glans penis pleasure and makes me fondle admiringly really.

Mother at the moment due to the sudden pain, the whole body arched, like a string of full longbow, bottom up higher, also with the jitter.

Penis stays in the mother’s anus pumping a little, let her have a adapt to the process, and then I waist slightly hard penis in the root, the mother is a sound, after being weakened voice I started pumping. In broad daylight, a beautiful young woman kneeling in the grass, behind a young cuddled her white ass a collision, and the lust of men and women is a pair of mother and child. The scene like make me young with, more and more hard hit mother’s ass.

Was soon in a 40-year-old woman, ass is so strong, so elastic, hang a little trace of like nothing. Its curve is so beautiful, and waist in junction is both natural and sexy, like a crescent let people full of strength. I am crazy for the heavily the ravages of mother’s bottom stem cry and call her, and then my vision gradually fuzzy, eyes seemed to besides mother dazzling white ass can’t see anything.

Ah… I find it, find, ha ha ha ha! A horse laugh that faintly feel mother turned my head, eyes is full of surprise and fear.

The you find place, mother the world unique beautiful buttock is not the most charming art? Look at the shape of her, absolutely wonderful artical excelling nature there is no blemish in you. Not only can bring endless enjoyment to uncover her nakedness, also let the optic nerve is in a state of madness. Such a beautiful ass now begins the high with the sexiest, most lecherous overrun position for her own son, there is no such more intoxicating combination of mother and child rape.

Ah! My mother is great! Has been unable to control his thoughts, only the brain blood upwelling, myself full make not over of strength, the ear is mom a high a little sad cry. Mother twist ass constantly hovering in my mind, in addition to the maximum play with white feng in the sight of greasy ass I what also don’t want to meet my young, just mechanical vibration and crazy to folding up crying mother day. For a long time, I only feel the penis rage, vas deferens burst of jitter, semen from the urethra of spitting out, not a drop left the whole shooting in the mother in the gut.

Then I cuddle with mother smooth bare back both fell in the grass… Consciousness began to slowly back to the brain, the first reaction is under the chest of soft body weakness, the collapsed to the ground. I got a fright, hurry up, it was found that her mother has been cry swollen eyes, a head of show hair wet and covered in sweat, butt earlier I red a hit was black and blue all over. Beautiful small fart eye because of long time be thick meat insert and friction, has not yet closed, the anus with breathing opens and closes a slightly, milky white semen extrusion, rectum, mixed with blood.

Mom… I’m sorry… I just… It’s too hard… I apologize quickly, incoherent.

Less shy shame, you crazy… I don’t you with your mother… What to go to the design… Blare…… Mother listen to me say that finish after the design intent, shame flushed, scold me again. But… Tone and her actual age extreme discrepancy, more like a girl of seventeen, eight years old in the boyfriend spoiled, I sigh tone, long, mom should forgive me… Is within easy walking distance on the second day early in the morning, mother felt a searing pain, anal limping don’t sit without cushion stool, eat breakfast and I scold a meal. I listen to mother all day in the endless cursing, also dare not out of the atmosphere.

The days lasted two days, mother see I always stand her scold, don’t argue, also from time to time to please her, eventually love suppressed anger, finally forgave me. Even forgive, but I was punished for a week are not allowed to touch her. But that night I lie prone on abnormal tender caress her body for the milk, Howe in peak sexually elderly mother but forcibly hold my head to push her nakedness.

I have made to the best of their tongue will her clitoris congestion erection, mother legs open the roots as tightly wound my neck, a small pair of jade is sufficient kept rubbing my back. Yin in a slice of the labia minora, cries of “bad son a drain the wound. At this point, the joy of sex will butt was two days ago I torture from shame completely submerged… The ass in my direction a little moved… Right! Mother is great!

Good have no? More than ten minutes.

Mother had not with this pose often play with me for a long time? It’s only ten minutes was not?

You…… You poor, mommy can no longer give you when the downstream models…

Ah? Don’t, I can’t say anymore, mom hold on a moment, almost ready.

Successive a few days, I am from various angles, different distances, the mother and attractive ass morphs into a variety of fascinating line, then rich imagination by deformation processing into design sketches. The paper almost running out, and I still continuously draws inspiration from the mother’s body.

Several times, I had to stop the brush, took out a swollen flesh rod inserted into the mother’s Yin hole pumping back and forth. Usually the mother is usually on the bed side reading, side push out the fat ass for my copy, always by the sudden attack went.

The world’s most attractive, the most sexy buttocks with all sorts of modelling on the paper, I use a notebook computer will these material collection, and 3 d drawing software design an imitation of the qing dynasty general tank. Because the mother disguised took part in the design, she also show keen interest. Operating high-spirited sitting next to me looked at me with a woman nature of aesthetic point from time to time, unexpectedly also has a lot of good ideas.

General tank is a kind of holding vessel, is very popular in the qing dynasty, are mostly blue and white, basic it is qing dynasty products circulating on the market now.

Are you, what for modern people? Sugar, flour?

Ha ha ha! Mix the pot of beautiful buttock line used for the mother? That’s too don’t bargain, ha ha ha ha!

Mom, quick, show me your charming chrysanthemum bud…

No, ashamed dead… Although sweetly, or lifted skirt, let me see enough on hip. If…… My mom’s abnormal tender bud processing slightly, not just the top decoration to be set in the lid handle? See the anus, middle slightly fell into a small swirl, quadrilateral swelled the wrinkles around very regular surrounded by whirlpool, it was so beautiful decoration on the handle.

Such light bursts is too much, I design modification, until his mother strong protest, because every time I found there are unpleasant place always take her to pick up, glance at her body, the more study, the more I think the mother’s body is so outstanding, then could not help but jump up… After the mother n times serious protest, I finally promised her design is finalized, never changed. More than a week before filling deadline, my mother and I on the way home… Design manuscript easily, according to the rules, to be seleted work according to the design that sponsored the competition of the factory processed into finished products, to the public auction that day, will design contest so as to draw a perfect full stop.

Because that is my mother and I body and painstaking care crystallization, I three days two head and ran the factory, lest they put my work is burnt out.

The ancients said: for that is true, that does not dispute is over! Through this design, and mother together in long distance for a month, is short of unpleasant episode, but my mother and I the feelings of the more deep, in my eyes, this is the biggest harvest. What to study abroad, what silverware, I want to see in addition to the findings of our mother and child well, others don’t care about. Before long, the organizing committee is very polite to send the invitations, let me be sure to attend the awards, because my work won the highest award – expert group special award.

Children dad, he must come oh, our children really have ambition, hee hee!

Of course, of course, I not only want to come to, and invite the friends. Ha ha, I said, my son must have ambition.

Mom excited call dad, he must come, dad that amid, I in mother heard clearly from the phone. Hey hey! See you and dad this warm and affectionate, I really think impassability you why divorce? My mother smirked scorn.

You this child how to say this again. All told you, I and your daddy of the doomed to heaven as husband and wife, but as friends are quite decree by destiny.

To see see, dole like this, I’m going to be jealous!

To go, mommy gave you all, also had the.

Early in the awards ceremony that day, my mother and I went into the hall, the PC hard put us in the front seat, say later accept more convenient, can reduce the waiting time for MC, and confirm that I will win again revealed out. Everything is in place, various industries including some government officials said.

The organizing committee of the original works of this contest is not a very grand, call the city celebrities have been prepared for not how many people want to attend, but that a invitation receive unexpected answer, especially business elite, not only promise to attend, also promised to auctions. And some government officials also promised to pay tribute, it to the organizing committee of the fondest hopes, then modify the articles of association, will be an awards show up, each competing newspaper coverage, become a lively thing in recent days the city.

In fact, I know the reason, the government did not dare to say, business people are mostly father strongly urged to pay tribute. I know dad, his personality charm, know many prominent figures from all walks of life, he is also a business celebrity itself. Old daddy! Here, my mother and I are all here. I saw my father and his wife also admission, quickly say hello.

Come so early? Ha ha! Mom and dad touch my head, very excited on chatting, topic again around my work. In the end, he apologize to my mother said to the past with several of his invitation to a friend. My boss is not happy, but didn’t also way, is dad said to comfort me to understand. What are this couple? Two people understand each other, understanding each other is just not in a block.

Mom, we both work is about to appear.

What ah, mom can’t claim credit, that is what you designed independently.

I also want to nonsense, said if no contribution to the mother give me a beautiful ass, that it is impossible for the work. But to many, we are the people sitting around, I have to endure a joke, what pay attention to MC said. Then starts the honorable mention backward, I and mother craned their necks to see the middle that cover the general pot piece of velvet.

Next, we need to uncover the competition is the highest award – the panel special prize… A applause rang, MC will slowly velvet. Ah! Mom was nervous jiao shout aloud, a hands gripped my hand, I clearly feel mother hand in the heart is full of sweat.

The agglutination lots of emotional art finally appeared on the platform, far look like a ripe apple, but apple has a few light around the gleaming concave. If put this concave to positive in the direction of the eyes, the whole modelling just happened to be mothers used very lecherous posture pursed high ass. And there is a small chrysanthemum over the lid and the chrysanthemums blooming outside, there is no indentation lid instead, only the full reflection of wrinkles around edge above covering. Needless to say, this is inspired by mother small compact anal shape and design.

Mom looked at the jar, listen applause around, tears fall down, rustling has nothing to do with shame, is the tears of joy. I hold my mother’s hands, softly comforted her, mother and child are immersed in a kind of joy.

This is imitation of the qing dynasty general tank, the author has broad thinking, in the qing dynasty palace design style of primitive simplicity and dignified, unique body lines would be bold to be out of shape. You look at these beautiful curve, elegant, easy do not break again after a leap of modern appeal. The most unusual is that it also has a primitive wild beauty…

This is responsible for the introduction of expert can also really kan, what flower words came out. But I also have to admit that some of his parables are very close to my subject. Sex is not the most primitive human desires? But the expert to some excited, then a general tank by his exploit, to the later tang poetry are all out.

Mother when I was the first to hear his comment on arc could not help but want to smile, to the experts, the more pull the farther mother finally took out a handkerchief to cover your mouth when laughing. Actually I also want to smile, early where he boasted so exaggerated. This work was very simple, is a the result of a crazy incest after sex. I have not dare to laugh is afraid of mother blame me not sensible, now she begins I also can’t help but want to open a joke.

Mom, did you hear that, your ass is known as the modelling elegance, of primitive simplicity and dignified, generous, and that what… Full of original wild beauty… I realized today, mother’s bottom have a variety of functions, not only can make your own son for a plug in the end, insert the plug again, also can be used as the noble art of mold, hey hey…

I leaned whispered in mother ear, is listening to his mother side tried to choke my thighs, side cover their mouth smile sweet shoulder disorderly fibrillation, tears were laughing. To sit in front of people often amazed to read and reread my mother back, maybe in this strange woman wearing a very decent look ah, how can such a gaffe. But I’m sure they want to broken head also can’t find the answer.

Tedious lecture finished, mother also finally stopped her laughter, with is affectionate eyes looked after I came to take over certificate and a bonus of $five thousand. This evening have a good reward you, hee hee! After back to his seat, and her mother with a very provocative tone said to me, also blew breath in my ears, then I wish her in beautiful enjoy a chair.

The atmosphere of whole awards winning entries by live auction activities to a climax, because there are so many business celebrity famous for bidding is very hot. And something happened that evening become the next day, all kinds of newspaper headlines, I used my mother charming beautiful buttock as design blueprint for general cans with eighty thousand clinch a deal, this nature is a father and his friends.

Your dad today indescribably proud, the size of a person also happy like this, is really of… Returned home after my mother and I hugged the bubble is in bath crock, kept talking about a few hours before all the fun.

Mom, you happy?

Of course, happy dead, especially the expert introduction you that mean the general tank.

Ha ha! I was also quick smile crazy. But… That is not a dirty work of art, it is my mother’s body, the world’s most charming lines.

Oh, in such a small bathtub you don’t leave me alone?

Of course, mother promised to reward me tonight? Hum, I knew you must remember this matter, fast up, you want to… Should also hold mommy to bed…

Not to say, but at least I can call the work is smooth, is a rare and have a combination of beauty, sexy and kind of a mother’s love mother will fit the full jade leg wrapped around my waist, to mobilize all the muscles of the body trying to please me in and out of meat, as I won the award of bonus today.

Oh…… Tap, tomorrow to your dad for you hold celebrate party, go to bed early, ok……

I don’t care, the mother promised to take good let me enjoy tonight. Mother said again, which is not cool enough the next day at night is more energetic… Hey hey!

Ah… Little friends, mother leg acid, lovely! Put it down, ok… Sigh…

Twist ass more sensuality, well! That’s right, the mother’s body was beautiful.

Our mother and son have sex until midnight almost, by strong, I will be semen in spraying in the mother’s breast, vagina, rectum, until the penis can’t stand up. Then stay within the mother body, the once gave birth to the place where I nearly 10 months, so embrace the sleep until morning.

Up, lazy devil… The sun is drying to the ass… Mother opened my quilt is a rant.

What, is only three o ‘clock, away from the party’s early!

But your dad is designed for you to open party tonight, you give me a good wash and dress up, don’t lose the face of your father. Mother go to the beauty salon, a while back…

The city is a famous western restaurant particularly busy today, all kinds of limousine parked at the door. This restaurant has a special meaning to me. Dad is the last time a promotion to celebrate for me here, today a much greater ostentation and extravagance, throughout the whole package on the second floor, two long tables were filled with cold food, barbecue and all kinds of drinks snacks. After dad last time for me to celebrate, I got another mother. This time? What will bring me again this time… Restaurant ahead, there is a tower on it I design the general tank, ashamed to say that, now I don’t know is who buy, wait a minute I’m afraid I have to ask dad, thanks for his friend to hold my field. After open champagne in applauses indicate the buffet will begin tonight.

Mother today become to the most beautiful woman, I thought that, after last night’s sex moist, her skin white and smooth, today spirit is quite energetic, and that the body is mouth-watering gorgeous dress looked straight.

Black dress is elegant, wrapping curvy body, big side arms bare and sexy not vulgar. Long evening dress to the feet, from a small opening on one side to the waist of the bifurcation, steps a move can faintly see a slender white legs. Neck a famous design of necklace, pitch-black shine long hair behind, carefully modified hands with a small bag. Leisurely through the crowd and arouses attention of scanning, does not exclude the doped with hostile eyes.

In fact today I also dress up very handsome, wearing a stiff collar shirt, a little black dress and her mother set each other off becomes an interest, the neck has a beautiful dark red white tie, but thunder was all mother to picked up. With my dad introduced to his friend, brag about from time to time, a white a make me blush with shame. Several times back with his eyes, asked his mother for help, but she carried a small glass from a distance, looked at me very naughty smiles appealed, help me is not clear.

It seems I was born is not a dinner party, I was sweating all banquet, corners of the mouth is fake smile acid and pain. Unexpected is eventually give me clearance was Li Qiuyu, culture bureau chief’s daughter, and I love a brief history of proud girl. Dad saw light rain and I know, but to see her and I say “hello” tone seems to be very well, and laughing: so you know? Good good. The young man to play with you, need not accompany my father…

The words sound just fell, I quickly fled the dad and his friends surrounded, oh! Free. Actually I also go to the party yesterday, wanted to personally congratulate you on, but didn’t find you. Light rain, the girl who I have been desperately seek, exposing shallow smile like a delicate and charming flowers.

I did see uncle yesterday, didn’t think you are, hehe!

I think you have changed a lot, much more cheerful than before, with a confident and.

Isn’t it? I didn’t think so. Casual chat with light rain day, I find my mother eyes got a thief, a thick vinegar was evident. Just thinking of her, and I more mischief, busy chatting with light rain.

Mother hated silver teeth set, quietly coming, and I always distance is about two meters, eavesdropping on what we talk about. Due to the light rain never home for a visit, she didn’t know the glamorous belle is near my mother, and certainly don’t know I almost every day with her beautiful body to do the piston movement. So did not care about, is still very happy and I chat with each other’s recent situation.

The buffet is not night, evenings, is it the time for you to the end of a banquet. Long time no see, etc. Will invite you to have a cup of coffee! Light rain invitation to me.

I saw my mother’s pupil shrinks, show a kind of hostility. Snubbing her for too long, I don’t have the heart to continue to hurt her heart, quickly rejected: ah! Very honored to, but I think some other time, too tired today, I give you a call when you are free.

Xiao yu nodded, a little can’t believe I used to keep her when princess holding, today would give up this chance.

Who is that bitch? Just and mother to sit in the car, she is fierce drink a way.

Friends before, you are not listening to? We are all talk about common things. I looked at mother laughed cocked his head.

I overheard?

Hey hey! Don’t pack, I didn’t blame you overhear. Mom assured, in addition to you, any woman in front of me now is like air, this is the trust?

Mother also hear I just refuse to light rain date, do you listen to me a more confident now, finger timid play with skirt. Partial head I see little shyness mother, see yourself and you shall not uncover the nakedness of gradually expanding, shook his head start the car… How, today is very tired? At home after I feel the waist sour leg pain, my mother took out a handkerchief on my wiped his forehead.

Can also, if the mother can often come to me with clear tonight, would be better.

Yi! Today you are leading role, I’ll give you a solution around?

As my wife, you see I do not understand the social parties, of course have to hand in a timely manner.

Correct you just a little mistake, I’m not your wife, is your own mother. Giggle…

Wrong! Is the greatest mother, is also my favorite wife. For mother and lover, this is a can never be the only conclusion complex problems. Have the heart to the dialectical, still be inferior to carpe diem… My mother beautiful feet lifted before the bosom to kiss, every week to make nursing leg is seductive, from the thigh root to slim tiptoe without a flaw. Skin surface under special potion for hair follicle has play a role, white and smooth touch the end without a resistance. My mother a pair of slender legs and maintain proper body seems to be sexually excited my at any time.

Mom, you were wonderful today, still in the reception of I can not but want to penetrate you from behind…

You little Yin evil, just not in the car seat to help you with a good half-day? Ran down the somebody else in the throat, it’s not cherish mother, hum…

Who let mother so beautiful today, oh! I can’t help but again now… Then just things done soon? Hey hey!

Hate! Mom haven’t discharge makeup.

Don’t have to, I’ll help you to unload now. Then the mother’s evening dress, socks, bra, underwear one after another was thrown to the ground. Discharge makeup is not with the ionized water to wash the face of cosmetics? I could do not with the tongue, but also more thoroughly.

Lips from mother’s forehead my breasts, then a flat stomach, plump thighs, until he had ten root and tender toes in your mouth. Put your mother side, from the ruddy feet along the bulge sexy ass to the smooth white bare back.

Mother condensate as snow fat I kiss it again after the entire body, her whoredoms water flowing from the charming fine seam. From the last sex less than a day, meat is so hard, so eager to enter the forbidden area of attractive… I ride on the mother’s ass, skilled will meat from behind deep inside. I don’t know why I was so crazy about my mother’s body, the penis in her body fast twitch of pleasure is more stimulating than any woman, although I in addition to the mother, not and many women had gone to bed………… Ah… Very comfortable, you this for ghosts, mother past lives have owed you a lot of love, this life with the body to repay… Ah… Awesome… In my two bodies under the bombardment of brief spasms after orgasm at the same time, the mother’s body is so familiar with, is not too difficult for me to control the rhythm. As your mom can from my eyes or subtle movement perceive my excitement, I can also from mother moans or taut tiptoe know her satisfaction.

Mommy and serious thing you say, ok?

Ok, I listen! I touch my mother the whole sexy body on my chest, she must have had not vanished out entirely, the climax of the palm of your hand touch, clearly feel the temperature of the surface of the skin is still hot. The owner of this portends a skin just infatuated, in immersed in a wave of sex.

How do you can sell for eighty thousand yuan the jar?

Where is worth the price, not just dad and his friends for each other to give up, the late qing dynasty general tank the highest price is a little more than twenty thousand at home, I that jar according to normal procedure for estimation… 3, four thousand yuan!

Oh! It is no wonder that, can sell 3, four thousand yuan but also not bad. The mother’s beauty salon a monthly card only a few hundred yuan.

How do? Don’t feel balance, mom? Ha ha!

Sort of taste, I think you also didn’t how hard pay a lot! To use the clay to burn a turned into money.

That’s because the mother’s body is too sexy, too tempting to pass up, or I didn’t also the inspiration.

After mom seem to worry a lot, haven’t talk, I can feel what she is thinking about a thing.

Then my eyelids is more and more heavy, used to have a very selfish very despicable thoughts, think oneself strong, mother, after all, the elderly, nothing is difficult to meet the maternal urge to me. But it turns out that this idea is redundant.

In memory, in addition to the last time my mother did almost shock in the wild, the rest of the make love, as long as the quality is high, that certainly is I am too tired to like dogs. The mother after the high tide receded often also of interest to pinch my meat stick touch in a day or two, the second day, are always energy recovery faster than me. Tonight, in the mother’s meditation, my mind more and more heavy, soon fell asleep… One night, after our mother and child life completely change, or start a another nervous rhythm of life. Mother thought for a night, decided to open a persuaded me to support her entity, do ceramic products. Since she takes to start, my eyes wide with all the time.

The money? Management personnel? Venue? Technical personnel? Don’t listen to newspapers no big talk, what computer control WenQuan is no big talk, now fire ceramic products absolutely, completely rely on the experience of skilled workers. Mother can to good oh, this is not a wholesale and retail can something changed hands make money, technology and experience to control this thing up is not easy… My mother not to pour cold water, but must be put in the worst case to her.

Mommy thought, money, and deposit in the home, could have been your grandmother left for you to buy a house get married in the future, now…… Hee hee! I don’t think with her. To the beauty salon to dish out once again, is not enough, I can ask your grandmother. As for the management experience, your father will help us, site? I thought, is based in our hometown. As for the technology…… Ahem… We have not a ready-made designer?

I think the mother carefully again, feel a little sense, seems to be wrong again, all think too simple. But I at ordinary times is no interest to do business, so never care what companies need to pay attention to the problem. Now seems to can’t give mom is very authoritative opinions, how to do?

I see… Let father to have an idea?

Ok, I’ll talk to him about the time now.

In the evening, I had a phone call from my mother, call me downstairs to the restaurant wait for her, she really didn’t mind cooking today, our mother and child to eat a meal outside, I from the mother’s breath surprisingly aware of dad must support her plan. Sure enough, after the mother saw me very excited will generally explained the plan again, to tell the truth, I didn’t fully understand.

Your dad said sales problems we don’t need to worry about, he sent some young, experienced management personnel to come over to registered a company specializes in sales, joint venture way we mother and son is to come up with the first-class products.

And so on, dad also financed? He paid how much? The two of you who are the boss?

Your dad is assigned to some of the senior sales manager and the salesman, these managers in technology shares into some stakes, their salaries are paid by your father’s company, hee hee, mommy is one rank…

Ah! Father was a wily, not spend a penny to send a few managers will enjoy sales profit, hey hey!

What do you understand? The ancients say well, brother also careful accounts, shopping malls, no interests and who will sincerely help you? And your mama don’t know anything about management companies, with ten percent of the profits to invite a management team is very fair.

In fact, I just is a joke, I firmly believe that dad won’t be so rude, he also do this to all institutionalized, so to more long-term cooperation. And dad’s social relationship and his company’s existing sales network is an immeasurable wealth, only ten percent of the shares obviously lose out.

Couldn’t sleep that night mom excited for a long time, the second day we mother and child are embarking on our new company to the highest efficiency. First of all, I submitted the resignation report, dug two employees of design office, by the way.

Then three transgressions of five times to lobby I college of fine arts professor, after various efforts, Jenny play an important role, and ultimately to professor the, the price will be down, as our art consultant. This can guarantee the quality of the design to a certain extent, then is digging around people recruitment, net to some actual work experience of operating workers.

Mother’s process is also surprisingly smooth, her hometown because of remote, although the local villagers, though not poor, but there are a lot of surplus labor force. The township government when he heard that someone wants to invest nature is glad, and report to play up to mother’s foreign relations after the attention of the government. Decided to my mother’s project as an example, so that in the future to vigorously promote and attract foreign capital, in the land, tax, to give a lot of preferential policies, and so on.

Originally very cumbersome process for a morning will receive the business license and construction permit and other necessary formalities. So fast efficient cause quite a strong interest in, just because the central issued a document, governments at all levels should improve the work efficiency. The next day newspapers reported the incident, and continued tracking reports within days of the company in the future. Mother abnormal satisfiedly told me later, my father had listened to laugh after a minute, said the report is worth at least two hundred thousand AD.

I have to admire my mother’s luck, I know she is mostly is a kind of choice factory in their hometown nostalgia, but this choice has brought unexpected benefits. Design work first, as a warm-up, the inspection team cooperation spirit, designers and I work hard. Take out after the first batch of design pattern, my mother and I immediately let hasn’t fully operational idea fire some sample production department.

Every handicraft base stamped with Ming xin ‘words, my name is Ming, a mother name contains a jasmine, it is not only our products, is also the name of the company. Samples after mother and make a strange move, father was stationed in the sales associate salary payment is not our company, but mom still according to these employees work and pay a sum of salary, which means they can get double pay.

Originally I was not in favor of, but can’t, mom is chairman of the board of directors, officer level killed people, although she evening in my legs often gentle like a slaughter of a lamb. Inherited from my grandmother and mother stubborn temper very few people can persuade got… Facts have proven that this seemingly by doing some serious, my mother and I are not good at management, sales rapidly develop of incredible power. The production department is still in work, day and night are only a few function can be used, but the sales order has been a steady stream.

Have to admit that mother nature has the unexpected business talent, in our workshop is not one hundred percent, and must meet the order, I have to pay the processing fee temporarily entrust other factory processing products for us.

Day day after day passed, and mom like famous professional women shuttle between the plant and the city of my hometown dealerships. She pay more attention to the body skin, maintain oneself along with the role of in-depth, originally beautiful and charming mother is now much a few minutes and spell able, elegant taste.

I like her current role, is a gorgeous noble respected chairman at ordinary times, night at the head of a bed, and I use all lewd make love posture, variety, a lot of positions we mother and child are ashamed to export, often use gestures or eye, suggested here, your legs should take your ass up back a bit more exciting… I’ll… The contrast is good, flexor calculation, and mother to go to bed also fast one year old, but still each other to maintain a high interest in sex.

After six months… I won’t say too much thanks, receiving the business license of that a moment, I also once suspect that the enterprise can walk far. Today, however, proved it all, we really made it. Ming xin company go now and all the staff efforts are inseparable. This evening, thank you make everything prepared a small mind, quickly dispatched to your hands, though not much is my thanks…

On the stage of belle in a simple but elegant white cheongsam, a thick head of hair neatly behind to disturb you. A little make-up on her face. Cheongsam of the split is neither high nor low just right, just to show the full tight calf and round knee, a pair of legs wrapped in thin incarnadine filar socks is suggestive.

Slightly upturned hips plump attractive, don’t know how many people for the elegant noble belle initiation desire to rape. Of these, only I am the luckiest, however, is not fantasy, also really get all her body and moans of ecstasy.

Mother finished her speech, in a warm applause leisurely walking towards me. The borrow new association of activity is of far-reaching significance for our mother and son, I looked at mother flat stomach, according to our calculations in a few months the fetus is the molding.

Soon, I will continue to operate as a down for our mother and son of the company, and his mother would completely in retirement at home we not Aaron love crystallization. In the near future, the identity of the mother will be more and more strange, mother? My lovely wife? Your boss? Maybe there are… That comes from the mother’s sexiest part design of the general cans are we to buy back, in the bedroom became a sign. I touch it, the outline of the feeling is so familiar. Often a person to have a career, love, and dream will become very lonely, lonely to a naughty to torture your nerves. Mother decided to have a little life for me, as it were, all thanks to the POTS.

Lighter, don’t frighten him (her)…

Well! Or don’t, mom doesn’t like I touch here.

It doesn’t matter, I know you are want to the mother’s body right? So hard you could endure for two months. But arranged well in advance, but not like last time at home so hard, don’t let my mother can not…

Know! I open the tender mother chrysanthemum flower buds with his left hand, small compact anus in the syringe, tiny nudge, about one hundred ml has aphrodisiac, lubrication, disinfection of oily liquid flow into the red in the gut. Syringe just pulled up, mom was not conscious of the anal muscle contraction, a liquid drop out of the anus.

Well! Good big, bilge is dead… The appearance of the mother looked back at my one eye, JiaoChen makes my heart a swing.

As usual, you want to change this will certainly the against thrusting at her mother’s alternative pleasure. But I hold back, because my mother’s womb has built up my kids.

Pain, mom? I reached down body love asked.

Well, very acid bilges feeling, do not matter.

Want to deep a kiss on her body, but I always remind myself, mom abdomen is absolutely can’t bear my weight at the moment.

Back up body, sitting on my hands and knees a little mother checked the bottom cushion pillow, be sure that this position would not pressure to her abdomen. My mother filed a slender white thighs frame on the shoulder, waist, slightly penis in her mother anus started I will never be tired of the piston movement.

Mixed with a little aphrodisiac element of lubricants in the mother’s intestinal tract play a promoting role, I can feel the thrusting penis more smoothly. Today’s action is surprisingly gentle, mother also try to put the body relax, let me enjoy the beauty of the haven’t tasted meat meal.


Well, very comfortable, thanks, mom!

So answer, have a trace of guilt in the heart, after all, she still don’t like liver. Her face is not input, all actions are to please me, in addition to thank you in the heart, I can only swear again and again, must let mom become the happiest woman in this life.

I have been pregnant with your child, you can all day long, mother mother a short call, that’s disgusting!

I think it is very good, every time I lie mother, thought I was from the place come to this world, but now again with his penis intrusive mother most secret place, is exciting. Think about it, my penis is mom in ten months time to cultivate, because back to the original place and let mother happy, this is the most wonderful thing in the world.

So you’re beating around the bush want me to do the child’s grandma?

Yes, I hope I never can personally call you a mother anywhere… Am I very selfish?

Mother think oneself is very selfish, you so young, but they can only accompany me this old woman…

Not like that, I would like to use a lifetime to accompany the mother. There is a lyrics not say so, I plow to you fabric…

Unctuous, don’t you sleep feel very disgusting? Quickly give me shut up, giggle…

Mother a small smooth jade is sufficient, suddenly out of my shoulders, tighten the tiptoe, went straight to glittering and translucent and white toes jam my wishing. Is this a punishment? The punishment I only wish I will be in this lifetime.

Hold sexy jade is sufficient, kiss the soft sole, the waist slowly pumping in mother jiao laughter, penis in this kind of gentle frequency was also repeatedly move, under the mother full of tender feelings sweet meaning tease, I’m going to the turbidity of semen shot in her rectum, this is our mother and one of the most peaceful sex, even didn’t flow a drop of sweat, but this kind of sexual intercourse is full of emotion makes me for a long time enjoy them.

Mother almost hide at home for half a year, the birth of the fetus.

Look, how like you!

I say is like my mother more, see, this little fart fart white and fat, like his mother!

Our mother and child around the baby laughing, after the child, mother some fat, body slightly greasy.

This makes mother boss not happy, but in my eyes, but the more mature lasting appeal. Anyway, mom how change, will never change the taste of sexy goddess in my mind.

Oh! It is a pity, my darling, your mother to stay in shape don’t fed you. But don’t worry, dad clear her for you!

The door of the bedroom converted for baby’s room, little guy lying in the cradle laughs eyes narrowed into a crack. Mother knelt before him, a bottom, their tails high, short nightgown I lift on the waist, white fat ass is holding you from behind I malicious.

Mother is my top of laughter and stretched out his hand to move the cradle. In the harmonious sex rhythm, little one is tired, soon closed his eyes, and the climax of my mother and I are just beginning.

Mother has been in various roles in my impression, from the initial lascivious woman loving mother to a dream, then is charming and graceful mother and wife. Now pluralism, both my wife and loving mother, and the baby’s mother and grandmother.



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