Beautiful young woman colleagues – hin sticks

Came to this company also nearly two years, the start think yan zi hui really beautiful, but because not too familiar, so no deep in conversation, just learned from my colleagues he older, married and have two children.
Gradually became ripe, because not poor old many, coupled with the head of our several side in the same project team, so the more opportunity to chat, learned that her husband from colleagues affairs over the past few years, almost divorce last year, so she and her husband have no sex life. How can such a young woman in their early 30 s, endure long not make love? Always want to close to her, want to moisten her almost dried up small hole… .

Early last month, the company do a birthday party, she was assigned to drive with another colleague, see him with the music twist the waist, his lips slightly, gave birth to a child’s buttocks swinging up more attractive, that along with the music rhythm is bold and unrestrained eyes, according to the temptation of horny, unconsciously swaying my soul followed him up, her loose attitude, let I will rush to the toilet at the end of the drive to jump to beat the sniper, and secretly planned in the heart, I always sticks to the hin!

After the birthday party, I often pretended to find her discussion groups, also often ask her to have a meal, at noon to my invitation, she never refused, even in the middle of the last two weeks, she intentionally to stay and work overtime at night, when I discuss things with the distance closer, slowly plus some body touch, harm I think every home with her pistol, there are several times to remedy to the case for her, but all you think about, do I want him in sober situation, is willing to be my fuck.

Last Friday, the two of us to stay and work overtime again, big office only we two, she ran to sit next to my, discuss for a while, the theme is from public to private, I asked her if she and her husband have a little bit better, she said her husband or entanglements with other people, I ask her: can I ask you a personal question?

She said: you ask!

I asked her: do you have sex with your husband?

Her face instantly blush up: how to ask this question

I stare at her, she slowly said: not for so long.

And then I ask her: how to make a woman orgasm?

Lower her head low, of course I chase victories: you teach me, I didn’t experience!

I say: that to be used for?

Yan zi hui at this time, sitting there quietly, not to pick up words, seems to be waiting for my further action, I fell on her shoulder, thought, and it’s almost ten o ‘clock, office should return can’t someone, just never make love in the office, today is god give me the opportunity, but think again, is more than ten o ‘clock last week, the workaholic manager wang also come back to take the second day of the meeting information, think about it, don’t take the risk, so I use hand lift hin have shame sticks to the red face, told her: next time you to teach me

She nodded shy…

Director told us to go over to the tianmu today a customer to do, just another team members in sick, I think, is today, the weather in the rush me. After departure from the company, in the car I put his hand on orthomorphia Po nonyl ┬ groove L, and even more excited human nature than this? She didn’t take my hand away, to the customer, we made a perfect report, after signing contract, we are pleased to say goodbye to the customers, one to the car, we are very excited, sticks sticks I slipped out: hin, performance good, today you go back to the manager must be happy dead, to hug!

She actually all descended, not only hug me, still I kissed on the neck. Strike while the iron is hot, I think, the opportunity is left to the prepared person, so I said: today is really tired, to the yangming mountain to wash hot spring?

Xin said: someone sticks to the hot wash hot spring?

I said: do a lot of things has nothing to do with the weather is.

Sticks to the hin eyes unexpectedly reveals a lewd temptations, in an instant smile nod.

The car side on yangming mountain, my heart is thinking that a hot spring, should search in the head for a moment, think of a completely only spa suites, I decided to let hin sticks to avoid the inevitable.

Into the hot springs hotel, after took the keys, yan zi hui follow behind me, completely is a kind of the feeling of a hotel room with horse, especially married women, I have never attended such fantasies, I do not know I have how many guns, today, today, I want to be a dream come true!

Open the door into the room, I pretended to be startled said: how like the hotel, and only a bathtub!

Yan zi hui don’t say a word at this time, I began to worry that can’t fail today? So I said: you ready first!

Hin sticks to take off my coat from the coat buttons between I see she is wearing a red bra today, she said: no place to put clothes in the bathroom, I am here to take off, you turn the face in the past.

I turned my face, I thought, she just took off, if you don’t succeed, today I’ll flick knife from the palace. There were underwater acoustic with the bathroom, my brother also with the hot spring symphony towering stands, separated by a door, I asked her: how long are you going to wash, will scold too late to go back to the manager.

She said: good soon

I ask again: big bathtub?

Yan zi hui unexpectedly answer: two people should be able to

Once I listen to, immediately remove only a pants, tentative turn the bathroom door, wow, no lock, thought, yan zi hui, I kept you waiting so long.

The door opened a seam, I slipped into, foggy in the bathroom, yan zi hui seemed to use a fake surprised expression looked at me, I said: save time!

I slowly into the bathtub, yan zi hui said just whispered: don’t look! I thought to myself, I certainly don’t see, this good opportunity, I must have a good look, and not just to see… .. . Refracted through the water, her originally about C cup tits, unexpectedly big many, downwards see again, wow, so many pubic hair, long pubic hair floating in the water, oh, oh my god, if I endure the past today, I must have impotence. I purposely splashed water to her face, the old trick in the movie, in this moment is the necessary formalities, then we also sticks to pour my water, I say: I’m hiding in the water, you can’t pour!

Say that finish, I took a deep breath and dive into the water, his head slowly to be near hin that sticks to the chest, greedily contain the cherry nipples, had two children, was with a hint of pink nipples, is really not easy, breath in the water is unable to suppress too long, I rushed out of the water in the split second of running out of gas, yan zi hui not pushed me away, I say: yan, sticks to the last time you said will teach me something oh, remember?

Yan zi hui is too hot, or shy, or stop, two cheek is red. I said: good heat

I deliberately stood up for air, brother just right next to her face, yan zi hui also stayed away, so I slowly put my red Yin LIDS to her lips, sleek glans tease her tender his lower lip, slowly toward the two pieces of her lips, yan zi hui seems unbearable, open the cherry small mouth, my Yin nasociliary contain exactly at a time, that kind of greed, I am sure that the wait will be more crazy, yan zi hui trumpet capability is not covered, when the fast slowly, when the hand of fine fine jade fingers on my balls, I was intoxicated, your eyes wide open to disappear to see her face, I didn’t think hin a good big eyes to disappear zhang sticks, with a mischievous eyes looked at me, as the sample we four eyes handover, the sort of visual pleasure, looked at his own Yin cilia in hin lips sticks to pass in and out, I really doubt it is a dream.

Hin at this time to complete liberation, sticks to her hips back and forth regularly, fully cooperate with me in and out, in order to give her more exciting, I deliberately in the opposite direction with her action, so that we can work harder hit her, let the Yin LIDS completely to the cervix, suddenly, in a burst of crazy smoke between hard to send, I shoot, yan zi hui, it seems, are still not satisfied, hands stretched out to the back to pull my hand, still swinging her beautiful buttock, let her little hole continue to be met. Oh, my gosh! Pumping again after ejaculation, seemed to be a lot of ants climb over the soles of the feet, I quickly held her waist, don’t let her continue to move, we are in the sticks to protest: you are so selfish, oneself meet

I thought to myself, just kidding, I have let you off so easily, which I said: yan zi hui, I know you’re hungry for a long time, this is just an appetizer!

You talk to calculate words! His pouting that just with my Yin ciliary mouth said.

I continue to ask her: then how did you solve the physiological needs?

She said: I have to buy a piece of rubber, occasionally in the office toilet masturbation, but with today’s feeling bad too much! Said said, yan zi hui has stretched out his hand and take my smoke, deeply a drag.

Haven’t smoke for a long time, she said. This picture too makes me excited, a few hours ago, we still sticks to wear neat suit elegant OL, now was swathed in a towel, and the smoke in front of me, this kind of conflict in the scene of a great excite me somehow.

Wan xin hair sticks, my hand slowly down the her on the shoulder to the chest, flick, towel and slid down, I put her down on the bed, gently licked the two cherries, really good soft soft pillows, along the cleavage down to kiss gently, haven’t see hin sticks to the beauty of the hole, the tip of my tongue on her pubic hair gently licked, yan zi hui pretty waist suddenly stand right now, like under the assorted, I gently down again, sing what a lot of pubic hair sticks, thick and dense, but very neat, looks very sexy, look at her lips again, don’t like, who gave birth to a child knows a see little love anyway, I use forefinger gently playing with yan zi hui clit, then slowly through the seductive lips, forefinger and middle finger together slowly slide into her vagina, pumping but five times back and forth, he stretched out a look, and yan zi hui Yin water drips from my fingertips to gourmet rare bao in the this world, how could I miss it. I use the tip of the tongue in the first on the clitoris sticks around the circle, by the slow and fast, and then surprise mercilessly licking her lips a: oh!

Hin sticks to call out, I continue to lick her beauty, hin thighs caught more and more tightly sticks to her water flows out continuously from the vagina, very strange taste, the smell is crazy want to make love, I accept according to the order, of course, I watched the hin, sticks to her at this time of teeth gritted his lower lip, and constantly send out well… B: well… Moans. Yan zi hui suddenly stretched out his hand over his back and forth in my body, I feel she seems to want to play with my Yin LIDS, I put the body to move up a little, his mouth still suck that beauty, didn’t expect yan zi hui to head to my lower body, wow,, she wants to a type 69, want to crazy, crazy out today, I think.

Hin the more greedily sticks to contain my Yin LIDS, as long as I hard lick her den, she will soon sniff my Yin cilia, oh, my gosh! More enjoyable than just in the bathroom, this is the very thing I ever one of the most comfortable oral sex, we use about 69 type oral sex with each other for ten minutes, my Yin eyelash is about to burst, I really want to come in her mouth, but again afraid she think I abnormal condition, so I stopped the action, lying on the bed, water flooding, as the hin the holes of the sticks to her two lips have rose red, I was hoping to take a rest, I didn’t think hin leg a cross, sticks to the hole in my head above the temptation to sway, the xin slowly sticks to his plugged in, oh… ., is a hot and humid slippery feeling, hin a let me do the root and sticks to her whole hole swallowed my Yin cilia, she began to bobbing up and down, hands still forcibly knead your boobs are so comfortable, I will also make love with you, promise me, ok?

Just kidding, I have, but I intentionally said: that depends on your performance

She opened her eyes and lay down, upper body to me or continue to swing the beautiful buttock, sliding back and forth two soft tits in my chest

Wait for you to surrender, sticks to naughty ground say.

Her faster and faster, with a sound also more and more big, so I motioned for her to suspend, flipped the she lie on the bed, lift her legs, a white let me Yin LIDS to lateral position into the body of the yan zi hui, I am back and forth in the form of three shallow deep pumping, because I want to sing to me once, sticks to the cloudy solution from infatuation, once addicted to make love with me, so this time you, lateral position lasted for about five minutes, yan zi hui Yin water too much, she suddenly asked: if I was very wet?

I say: run rampant

Yan zi hui said: I don’t believe it, I’ll bring a listen to brother and to her face.

You see, with you in the water, I didn’t think her mouth a piece and put my Yin LIDS to go in, and a few back and forth, eyes wide to disappear looked at me.

You see, no! Oh my god, really too much!

Ere nearly a minute gap, originally just almost got shot at, are now full of power again, this time I decided to muster, reversed I and yan zi hui, I like dog style, his hands gently hold the xin’s waist, and sticks to Yin LIDS still easily inserted, this time I no longer use three shallow a deep, really time is a bit late, every time I pumping top to the bottom, I can strongly feel the top to the cervix, along with my speed and my hands again moved to hin tits, sticks to rub the tits, while dry sticks to the hin, she is called the wild: do I have to, again a little bit deep, again a bit faster… .

She propped the bed, one hand with one hand holding my hand rub it hard on pillows.

I can’t, I surrendered. We begged the sticks. I thought to myself, I can not surrender. I still sticks to a quick in and out of hin vagina, she still shouted frantically, I the chance to ask her: xin, sticks to the next time you have sex with me or not?

Want to… Of course… Want to. She said.

What time? I continue to ask.

You… Want to what… When I was… .. What… ., oh, I can’t!

She seems to have freaked out, I also hot escaping to the forehead, will shoot, I asked yan zi hui: let me shoot in your mouth, ok?

She did not answer, is probably already speak one word, I pull out at the last minute Yin LIDS immediately to insert into her cherry mouth, suddenly all come in her mouth, I continue to slowly back and forth pumping, xin also sticks to swallow my semen all carefully, that kind of feeling, like in the heaven… .

Go to the bathroom to wash a mandarin duck bath together, yan zi hui said: can’t you be my regular partner, and a secret for me?

Is really of, how the every time she spoke first: I said I would of course! “I said, only sticks to satisfied nod.

After the shower, we each back to the urban jungle neat to wear, wearing a neat suit, sticks to see hin associated with her again just now was I crazy fuck plot, inexplicably excited again in the heart, already walked to the door, I took her to live, I said: yan zi hui, I give you a surprise!

I take her back to the dresser next to call her back to me, I said: no matter what happens you can’t open my eyes to disappear!

She nodded seriously.

I take hin narrow skirt up sticks to lift, through her red with lace underwear, gently caress her pussy, oh my god, and wet, I take yan zi hui pants down, she is a little resistance, at first I said: I have a surprise for you!

So she ceases to resist. I intentionally put her panties just off to the knee, then I open my zipper, take out my starched Yin LIDS that sticks to insert again hin wet hole, a woman who is wearing a neat suit, one is wearing a neat suit also fought the tie, a man, so stand beside the dresser to make love, and even more exciting than this? Yan zi hui was quickly enter the condition, groaned softly again, but I for the sake of his body, to do this time nearly five minutes, I don’t allow yourself to shoot, castle peak to stay in! Yan zi hui has promised to me anyway, always looking for his love.

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